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A gift only (your) favourite little people could love.

Celebrate everything they treasure with Unregiftable Christmas presents for kids.
Christmas gifts for kids

Tween territory: Gifts for the inbetweeners.

Skip the gadgets this year, create a gift that's unique and so totally them.

Back to school: Gifts to keep them organised.

Dress up their desks and keep them focused all year long with custom stationery.

Christmas gifts for kids: Show then they're Unregiftable.


That’s right, Unregiftable. Let us explain.

An Unregiftable gift goes beyond personal. It’s a gift that’s so special, so unique, so incredibly them, it would be downright weird to regift it.

It’s a photo print from that trip you and your BFF took, the one you still reminisce about. It’s a T-shirt featuring your brother’s nickname – you know, the name only you’re allowed to call him. It’s a calendar for the in-laws brimming with cute baby photos, because there’s literally no such thing as too many grandkid pics. It’s what you know someone will adore, because you know your people better than anyone.

With Vistaprint’s vast selection of products and design options, it’s easier than ever to create gifts for kids that are Unregiftable. Just start by browsing our gift guides and then pick a product and design you love. Add those made-for-them touches, be it a photo or quote or nickname, then we’ll take care of the rest. Not only will they love it, you’ll love creating it.