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Custom floor stickers

Floor Decals

Floor decals in two sizes and fully customisable templates. Whether it's to promote sales or to guide customers. Our floor decals are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Create yours now! See Details
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Turn aisles and open areas into well-organised spaces.

  • 2 size options
  • 2 vinyl options
  • Water, scratch & slip-resistant
  • Vivid, full-colour printing

Looking for effective ways to encourage social distancing within your workspace – or to provide helpful business information? Personalised floor decals can help you communicate whatever you need to say. Made of durable, non-slip vinyl, our floor decals are designed for long-term indoor & outdoor use on a variety of hard smooth surfaces – tile, cement and more. With our fully customisable designs, you can choose the right message for your needs, whether you’re spacing people apart within a queue, promoting limited-time sales or offering a special message of support.

Ready to design? Explore our collection of customisable design templates to find the right one for your needs. Or, if you have a finished design ready to go, use our easy upload option. You’ll be able to add all your custom touches before we take care of the printing, packaging and delivery. Your decals will arrive looking great and ready for use.

Floor decals

Options: Floor Decals


Indoor floor decals
  • Suitable for smooth, dry surfaces only
  • R10 Australian Standards slip resistance rating
  • Lasts for about 6 months
Outdoor floor decals
  • Can be used on low-pile carpet, concrete and asphalt
  • R12 Australia Standards slip resistance rating
  • Lasts for about 12 months

Frequently Asked Questions

Floor signs have long helped share important safety information with customers and employees. They can caution people about the potential of slippery floors, cooler temperatures, overhanging boxes and more. They’re also a great way to promote discounts or special events. More recently, floor signs have become a popular and effective way to encourage social distancing – often labelling how far apart people should stand. In these instances, decals not only help keep people distanced, but also convey that your business cares about the safety and peace of mind of others.

We recommend using the “wet application” method when applying your decals. To do so:

  1. CLEAN: Make sure your surface is clear of any dust or particles.
  2. WET: Cover the floor with a mix of warm water and washing up liquid.
  3. APPLY: Peel your decal off its backing and place it on the floor.
  4. SQUEEGEE: Use a squeegee, ruler or other object with a hard, flat edge to smooth out the decal. Start from the centre and work out to the edges. Then dry any residual water that may be on the floor.

Our floor stickers are printed onto flexible white vinyl using UV stable inks. The vinyl is 4 mm thick.

Yes. Our decals are certified, slip-resistant products. They’re also water and scratch-resistant, designed to work with high-volume foot traffic for about 6 months (Indoor R10) and 12 months (Outdoor R12) of continuous use.

The R scales is the slip resistance rating and run from R9 to R13, where R9 is slippery and R13 is less slippery when used in wet or greasy conditions. Our R12 floor Decals are more suitable for outdoor as its texture made them more resistant (12 months) and less slippery when is used in wet conditions.

Not at this time.

Product Specs & Templates

Vistaprint offers Floor Decals design templates in assorted styles.