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VistaPrint’s community of Australian small business owners share a passion for design and marketing. By joining our community, you’ll reap more rewards and have access to exclusive perks, earning opportunities, networking, products and more.
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What makes our community different?

Our community offers an exciting opportunity for small businesses and individuals to spread the word and reap more rewards. From exclusive perks to earning opportunities, access to VistaPrint products and more, it’s time to be a part of something more.

Spread the word and reap the rewards

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Becoming part of our community is easy. At select times, our program is open for applications. During this time, simply fill out your registration form and send it our way. We’ll keep you updated so you’re across everything you need to know.
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Frequently asked questions

Small business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals who share our values of diversity, culture, community, and innovation are welcome to join.

Vista Collective members are expected to create content, build connections within the community, and encourage product referrals.

Members gain access to networking opportunities, participation in larger campaigns, potential collaborations, a yearly allowance, promotion within the collective, and more.

Members earn commissions through product referrals and can participate in monthly paid marketing challenges to earn additional cash rewards.

To become a member, complete the registration form on our website when the program is open for applications.

No, membership in the Vista Collective Program is free.

Members are expected to actively engage with the community and fulfill their monthly responsibilities, as outlined in the program details.

Yes, members have a monthly one-on-one video calls with the Vista Collective community manager and can communicate feedback and ideas to the Vistaprint team.

No, the contract has a duration of one year, and you have the option to decide whether to renew to the program or not.