Say ‘I love you’ without saying ‘I love you’ with custom photo gift ideas

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A picture says a thousand words…so, show someone you love them with a photo gift. Go beyond a simple framed picture or photo album and get creative with canvas prints, office accessories, blankets and so much more.

Whether for a special day (like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Valentine’s Day) or a loved one’s birthday, celebrate your memories together with a one-of-a-kind present. Here, learn more about 9 photo gifts you can customise with VistaPrint, from heartfelt options to cosy creations.

Classic photo gifts

If you’re looking for a photo gift that’s (almost!) certain to cause a few happy tears or recall an inside joke, go for something classic, like a photo book, canvas print or celebratory banner.

photo book is a great way to turn your favourite digital photos into a tangible, modern take on a classic photo album. Available in a variety of sizes, orientations and shapes, a custom photo book makes a great addition to your loved one’s coffee table or bookshelf. For special days like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, create one with photos of you, your parents, your children, family pets and their favourite places. Colourful frames, clip art and icons let you add a pop of personality to each page, and text boxes make it easy to add a sweet message or note the date of each photo.

Canvas prints make wonderful gifts for a number of occasions. Turn a loved one’s wedding photo or university graduation portrait into a piece of ready-to-hang art.

Create coordinating prints of your children to give to your parents for a birthday or special occasion, or a collage-style print to commemorate a family reunion, holiday or special event.

Get creative with text and design elements to create a one-of-a-kind photo gift.

Custom banners make wonderful celebratory gifts, whether it’s for a birthday party or surprise retirement celebration. No matter how big the party, a unique banner is sure to make any get-together feel special. Choose an indoor or outdoor style, and pick a size that gives you enough room to include a photo, write a message and add some festive design elements.

Home office photo gifts

Searching for a photo gift that’s more practical? Whether your loved one works from home or commutes to an office, create something they can use at their desk each day.

Beyond sipping coffee, personalised mugs come in handy for storing pens, heating up soup or even repotting small plants. Design one with an assortment of images, or choose your favourite photo and add a vibrant background or short message.

Whether it’s a collage of childhood photos or a Mother’s Day message, remind someone how much you love them (or, rather, how much they love *you*) with a photo mouse pad. Every time they sit down for work, they’ll get a glimpse of cherished moments with family, friends and pets.

Personalised stationery is a timeless gift for anyone on your list, any time of year. From sticky notes and stamps to note cards and custom envelopes, add a loved one’s initials to a single product or a complete suite of stationery to step up their office game. Or, add a photo to commemorate a family holiday or special event.

Cosy photo gifts

Wearable and snuggly photo gifts are the perfect way to send someone a hug, even if you’re far away.

A cosy fleece blanket is a perfect photo gift for cold, chilly nights. Create one with a collection of your favourite photos, or choose one or two shots and add a sentimental message and personal design elements.

Photo cushions make a plush, personalised gift — the larger size makes for a great accent cushion, while the smaller option is ideal for travel. And since you can use a different photo on each side, you’ll have plenty of space to get creative. Use a serious photo on one side and a silly one on the other, or add a photo to one side and a sentimental message on the reverse.


Looking for a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift for a new parent? Choose a milestone blanket design so they can document how much their baby grows each month. Add a photo of the family or newborn for a sweet touch

Know someone that shows their love with a T-shirt? Whether you go humorous with a funny photo and inside joke, or nostalgic with an old family picture, design something one-of-a-kind (in their favourite colour) that they can wear everywhere.