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Signature stamps

Signature Stamps

Save time and effort on invoices, check and more by creating a pre-inked stamp with a replica of your signature. 3 ink colours available. See Details
Ink Colour
1 starting at $29.99
100% satisfaction guaranteed

Say goodbye to writer’s cramp.

  • 3 ink colours
  • Simple signature upload process
  • Crisp ink distribution

Ready to create your custom stamp? We’ll help you upload an image of your signature, add any custom details and choose the right ink colour for your needs. We’ll take care of the rest, and the finished product will arrive ready for use.

Signature Stamps
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Reviewed by 11 customers
Poor execution

Unfortunately the stamp leaves a large ink mark around my logo making it unable to be used. Easy to design and logo turned out great, but unfortunately due to the poor execution I can't use this stamp at all without black in marks from the area surrounding my design

We apologize for the disappointment with the quality of your Stamp. We deeply regret that this was your experience. We're happy to see that you contacted our Customer Support team and they helped with a replacement order. – JA

Response from Vistaprint Customer Care Team:

Very disappointed

The text is a lot smaller than it was showing on the print review. We cannot use this stamp. I uploaded the actual size of the text and it's not what has come out on the stamp.

We're truly sorry to hear that the signature was too small on the stamp. To make up for this, the stamp was edited and replaced for you at no extra cost and an email will be sent to confirm this. - NL

Response from Vistaprint Customer Care Team:

Great idea, needs better execution.

I ordered this signature stamp to use on artworks to save time signing multiple pieces, and to make signatures more uniform. The self-inking nature of the design means that you have no control over where the ink ends up on the entire stamp (not just the signature), which resulted in a couple of artworks being ruined by black smudges from the outer edges of the stamp. It is also inconsistent in how clearly it prints the signature (often patchy). I have worked out a way of masking the rest of the stamp to stop it ruining my pieces, but for this price it shouldn't be so hard to make it work well! Perhaps the signature needs to be set out a little higher from the rest of the stamp surface to ensure no other areas make contact with the paper.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are so sorry to hear about your unfavorable experience with the stamp. To make it right, we have made some adjustments and submitted a reorder for the stamp. The confirmation email will be sent to you with the order information.

Response from Vistaprint Customer Care Team:

Leaves ink marks in corners

While the signature comes out alright, the stamp leaves two large ink marks on the left hand side of the signature, making it very obvious that the signature was stamped and not hand written, defeating the purpose for which I was wanting to use the product.

Oh no! We are so sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the impression of the stamp. For your satisfaction, we have applied a merchandise credit to your account for the affected stamp. The credit is valid for one year and can be used towards any future orders.

Response from Vistaprint Customer Care Team:

It did not impress me at all..!!

Cons & Pros: -Stamps arrived 1 week early.. It was really great however, I did not use them untill yesterday.. you've also sent me $10 voucher THanks for that as well- -As soon as I tried the stamps (specially the bigger-signature stamp) I realised it leaves marks on the corner/side of name and it leaks ink from the side of stamp too.. I checked it was an Austrian made product not a chinese one- I doubt I order again. Thanks. Dr Edward Williams

We understand your disappointment with how the impression of your stamps turned out and apologize for any inconvenience caused. In light of this, we have processed a merchandise credit to your Vistaprint account for the cost of the stamps. The credit is valid for a year and an email will be sent confirming it.

Response from Vistaprint Customer Care Team:

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