Introducing 99 Days of Design.
6 Aussie businesses are about to get the makeover of their dreams & $15k.
After enduring bushfires, floods and a global pandemic, 99designs by Vistaprint is here to help small businesses get back on their feet. As part of a global initiative, we’ll be partnering with six Australian businesses to give them a fresh new look and marketing materials, plus a $15,000 donation to help execute their vision.
Meet our winners
We received over 1800 nominations from small business owners across the country – from farmers to fencers, makers and innovators. From this outstanding pool of nominations, we’re proud to introduce the six Aussie businesses who’ll receive a refreshed brand identity and financial package.

Messin With Jim

While the last year resulted in hardship and loss for many people, Kayne Allan and Emily Newbound from Messin with Jim found success in 2020. Losing his job amid the pandemic, Kayne seized the opportunity to finally start his own business – a coffee shop on wheels. Turning a dream into reality wasn’t without its hiccups – delays in the build and several lockdowns presented huge challenges – but the smiling faces of their customers and great coffee kept them going. Another thing that drives the duo to succeed – their custom caravan. A 70’s-inspired dream with loads of personality, they can’t wait to hit the road with marketing that matches the vans carefree vibes.

Clive Gardening & Fencing

Business owners Clive and Megan Tickle know a thing or two about adapting. After a year filled with hardships, change really came calling when Clive injured his back and could no longer do the heavy lifting the job required. The husband-and-wife duo decided to pass on their knowledge and fencing company to a local tradesman and pivot their offering to a New York-style hot dog cart. A completely new venture for the pair, their brand is in need of some love and attention.

OWAD Environment

The bushfires of 2020 brought devastation to homes, families and our native wildlife. And while thousands of Aussies generously donated to a variety of causes and organisations, OWAD Environment saw a lack of funding dedicated to locating wildlife in need of rescuing. As Threatened Species Conservation experts, they worked hard to locate Koalas in active fires – often at their own cost. Funding for conservation programs is always hard to come by, so they’re looking for ways to maximise their marketing budget and get their message front and centre for all Australians to see.

Pride Fitness

Pride Fitness is a community of like-minded people focusing on functional fitness for the LGBTQI+ community and allies. They offer small-group sessions, creating a safe space for everyone to get fitter and meet new friends. As a part-time operation, it's been tough for business owner Matt Smith to find the time and headspace to grow the brand – or even create a logo! Plus, a spate of lockdowns and gathering restrictions have made it hard to attract new customers. A post-pandemic refresh is just what this business needs to reach its full potential.

House of Mud & Straw

From closed borders to snap lockdowns, COVID-19 has been particularly tough on the tourism industry and the House of Mud & Straw have experienced this adversity and then some. This past June, the property was decimated by a freak storm, causing flood damage to the interior and generations-old gumtrees. Rebuilding sustainably is essential for business owner Cara Webber. Her earth-house accommodation includes vintage treasures and an eco-friendly worm farm that turns waste into fertiliser. The financial package will help her to replant on the land (the property was once a potato farm) and finish her website.

Holistic Avenue

Holistic Avenue provides free, trauma-informed support services to women and children who are victims of sexual assault and domestic and family violence. Through advocacy and outreach activities, the team works tirelessly each day to better the lives of those in their community. Being from a small town in rural NSW, some of the organization’s biggest hurdles have been fundraising during a pandemic and securing sponsorships from local businesses (who have also been hit hard financially). New marketing materials and a fresh look will really help this charity get their name out there so they can help more people in the community.
Meet our panel of judges
Our expert panelists decided which small Aussie businesses would get the design refresh of their dreams.
Marcus Marchant
CEO Vistaprint Australia, New Zealand and Singapore
As an expert in digital transformation with a focus on companies that service small businesses, Marcus Marchant’s career to date has spanned industries from banking, telecommunications and insurance. As the CEO of Vistaprint Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, he’s committed to helping small businesses in the region grow, evolve and achieve their dreams.
Patrick Llewellyn
CEO 99designs by Vistaprint
Patrick Llewellyn is the CEO of 99designs by Vistaprint, the global creative platform that makes it easy for small businesses to work with professional designers and build their brand through quality, custom design. Bringing opportunities to freelancers around the world, the 99designs community has also earned more than US $350 million on the platform to date.
Marissa and Bec Karagiorgos
Bec & Marissa’s store and blog, BY TWICE BLESSED, was born out of a love affair with fashion. Their style is timeless, tailored and versatile, and their credentials have seen them work with top brands from all over the world. The label offers a curated collection of timeless wardrobe staples thoughtfully designed for the modern woman.
Rachael Sarra
Artist & Designer
Rachael Sarra’s work is an extension of her being and experiences. As a contemporary Aboriginal artist from Goreng Goreng Country, Rachael uses art as a powerful tool in storytelling to educate and share Aboriginal culture and its evolution. Rachael’s work often challenges and explores the themes of societies perception of what Aboriginal art and identity is.
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