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How to create canvas prints online

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Turning memories into personalised wall art: how to create canvas prints online

Redecorating your space is always an exciting time. You can bring any space to life with truly unique canvas prints. Whether you’re sprucing up a living room or you’re revamping an office, canvas prints let you turn your favourite moments (or phrases) into timeless wall art. Plus, it’s the perfect gift to treat family and friends.

Ready to turn your special memories into display-worthy decor? In this article, we’ll explain how you can design a canvas print that’s uniquely yours.

How to create personalised canvas prints

At VistaPrint, you can create custom canvas prints that will not just elevate any space but also remind you of a favourite memory. You can easily design a canvas print completely from the comfort of your home – whether it’s on your computer, tablet or smartphone. 

Here’s our step-by-step guide:

1. Pick a theme that reflects your personal style

Do you know someone (or yourself) whose walls could use a little love? We’re here to help. Start off by picking a theme that fits your preferences. Whether it’s a calming nature scene, a family portrait or an abstract artwork, a theme will set the tone for your canvas and ensure it suits your needs. 

2. Choose the type of canvas print that will best suit your needs

Selecting the right canvas print type is key to ensuring you choose the best option for your space. Discover our range of canvas prints to find your favourite style. For a more elevated finish, our premium prints are a great choice. For a curated gallery, our canvas sets give you the freedom to mix and match. 

  • Classic canvas prints: A tried-and-true option to turn the people and places that you love into stunning wall art.
  • Premium canvas prints: A high-quality option made with 100% woven cotton substrate and complemented by a sturdy timber frame that will last for years to come.  
  • Canvas print sets: Available in sets of three or four, this option is great for creating a curated gallery of wall art that packs a punch.
  • Blank canvases: Great for budding artists, painters and students who want to bring their creative visions to life.

3. Select a size and orientation that fit your space

There are more ways than one to print your perfect canvas artwork. Don’t worry – with eight sizes to choose from, you have plenty of options to bring your vision to life. 

  • Product Size: Whether you want a small accent piece or a large statement print, discover our range of sizes that are designed to accommodate a variety of spaces. 
  • Orientation: Our prints come in both horizontal and vertical orientations that allow you to showcase your canvas artwork just how you want it.

4. Customise your design to find the right match

Once you’ve found the size and orientation that work for you, it’s time to start choosing a design or image to upload. 

Are you thinking of putting up a motivational quote in your room or a photo of your cute dog for an instant pick-me-up? You can start browsing through your hard drives (or memory cards) to find the perfect photo, design or phrase. 

5. Upload your image or browse our designs

After carefully selecting your design, you can now start exploring our template gallery and virtual studio to play around with different arrangements for your images and text. 

  • Design gallery: From photo collages to pet-centric options and more, our design gallery has canvas print templates for all tastes. Whatever style you pick, you can make easy and quick adjustments – all in one place. 

Upload your image: Have a design ready to go? You can easily upload your design from your mobile, Facebook, tablet or computer and edit it straight away within our design studio. Need help along the way? You can also utilise our Smart Assistant feature that selects your best photos and designs page layouts for you.

VistaPrint Tip

Choose high-resolution images as much as possible to ensure crisp printing. Pick bright, well-lit photos or choose designs that are print-ready or selected from high-quality sources for the best results.

6. Add design elements to make your canvas print pop

The personalisation doesn’t stop there! Feeling extra creative? Before placing an order, you may want to add some extra flair to make your canvas print truly one-of-a-kind. 

Get creative by adding fun quotes, pictures and other elements. Consider inserting a special message, a fun graphic or a decorative border to make your image or layout pop. Adding handwritten notes or dates can make it even more personal. If it’s a gift, it can double as a treasured keepsake or memento that only you and the recipient can relate to.

VistaPrint Tip

Try adding a wraparound design to make your print appear more three-dimensional. This will also stop any unwanted white lines from showing up along the edges.

7. Consider adding a floating frame to enhance your wall art

Do you want to enhance and compliment your personalised prints’ overall look and feel? Discover our range of floating frame options that make your wall art extra impactful. Choose from white, black or oak-coloured frames that stand the test of time. 

8. Review and edit your final designs

You’re almost there! Give your designs a final once-over and apply tweaks (if need be). Consider the impression your canvas print will create in your space. Is it telling the visual story that you wanted? If something doesn’t quite feel right, this is the time to review your designs and make any necessary changes before checkout.

9. Place your order 

Once you’re happy with your final designs, you can place your order and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll print and wrap your high quality canvas prints so they’re all set to brighten your space (and mood) when they arrive. 

Plus, all canvas prints include a free-of-charge hanging kit so your new personalised wall art is ready to display right away.

VistaPrint Tip

Want to keep the good times rolling? Take a look at VistaPrint’s range of unique keepsakes. From one-of-a-kind photo books to photo calendars, mugs and so much more, discover our range of personalised favourites that turn special moments into timeless memories.