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Postcard size guide

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When it comes to marketing, there are lots of items you could add to your tool kit – business cards, flyers, posters – but if you’re looking for one item that does it all, you really can’t go past a postcard.  From mailers to street marketing and package inserts, the humble postcard is one versatile marketing superstar.

There’s lots to consider when choosing your postcard – content, colours, fonts and finishes – but your postcard dimensions and postcard size can also play a part in your design. We’re here to take you back to the basics and answer all your questions about postcard measurements and more.

What size is a postcard?

Postcards come in all shapes and sizes, but the most common sizes are:

  • A6
  • A5
  • DL
  • Square (148 x 148 mm)

Our bestselling and standard postcard size is A6. These fit in most in most envelopes and mailboxes, making them an ideal choice for multiple uses.

A6 postcard size in mm: 151 x 108 mm
A6 postcard size in inches: 5.94″ x 4.25″
A6 postcard size in pixels: 2528 x 1795 pixels

You can also design a postcard with us in A5, DL or square format. DL postcards are great options for menus and a square design is a unique addition to packages.

Design guidelines

We’ve got thousands of templates you can pick from to create your postcard – thanks to our amazing designers. But you can upload your own design, too. It’s as simple as selecting an image or file on your computer, but here are some important guidelines to keep in mind.

Note: These measurements are for our standard postcard size (A6). Our other options, have similar bleed and safe printing areas in relation to their actual size. You can always check the details on our postcard product page.

Bleed Area: 151 x 108 mm

If you’ve got a background colour or pattern, make sure it extends a bit beyond the actual size of the postcard. That way, you’ll never end up with white borders, even if the cards are cut slightly off centre.

Trim Size: 148 x 105 mm

Just like the name says, this is where we cut your postcards. We do our absolute best to make sure all your postcards are centred and uniform, but be sure to check the safe printing area when completing your design.

Safe Printing Area: 145 x 102 mm

You probably have any important text or design elements within this area, which isn’t much smaller than the actual size of the postcard. To guarantee nothing gets cut off, keep everything inside this box.

More postcard design tips

Now that you’ve got your postcard dimensions down pat, here are some other things to consider when designing.

  1. Keep your design simple. Postcards are relatively small, so a lot of complicated information can overwhelm people when reading. Identify the top few things you want a customer to know, and then focus on those points. Including a strong call to action – visiting your website, following you on social, leaving a review – gives people a way to learn more once they’ve become interested in what you have to say.
  2. Stand out with photography or a logo. Odds are good that your postcard will be competing for attention with other promotional pieces – in a letterbox, on a notice board or at markets. Bold colours, a high-quality image or your logo can help your postcard get noticed.
  3. Think dual-purpose. Make your postcard work twice as hard for you. Use the reverse side for appointment reminders, loyalty stamps or as a blank canvas to showcase something about your business.
  4. Elevate with a special finish or paper. Cotton paper has a natural texture that’s best for elegant, crisp designs; our glossy stock really lets images pop and indestructible plastic is a great option for outdoor or heavy-duty use.
  5. Create a consistent look. It’s easy to use your font choice, logo and colours to create a matching business look across other marketing products, like business cards, signage and more. With a few matching products, you’re well on your way to establishing a recognisable, professional brand.
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Postcard marketing ideas

Now that you’ve designed your perfect postcard, it’s time to put it to work. Here are our top marketing ideas:

  1. Voucher cards. Add a stamp or punch-hole to your design and reward regulars for their loyalty.
  2. Appointment reminders. Hand out a postcard after every appointment to encourage customers to use your services again.
  3. Offers and promos. Have a sale or special deal? Spread the word with a compact postcard. Pass out on the street or pop into local mailboxes.
  4. Event announcements. Planning a special do or grand opening? Make your postcard a promo vehicle and an invite.
  5. Package inserts. A postcard in every box and parcelis a great way to reinforce your brand identity. Ask customers to leave a review, encourage them to follow you on social media or tell your brand story.
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