14 corporate gifts for Christmas: Choosing the perfect presents for your team

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Tired of gifting your team the same old boring presents? Time to step up your game and rock this festive season with epic gifts they’ll actually love! Welcome to our no-nonsense guide, “Corporate Gifts for Christmas: Nailing the Perfect Presents for Your Team.”

We’ve got the inside scoop on why Christmas gifting is a must, killer tips on Christmas etiquette and a whopping 14 corporate Christmas gift ideas that’ll blow your mind. Get ready to ‘sleigh’ this Christmas season!

Why should you make Christmas gifts for your employees?

The act of getting staff Christmas gifts is significant for a lot of reasons, and its impact reaches far beyond just the individuals involved – it extends to shaping the very fabric of your company culture.

Here are some sparkling reasons why diving into the tradition of Christmas gift-giving is a top idea:

  • It shows your employees that you appreciate them and it boosts their morale.
  • It enhances company culture.
  • It helps to improve employee retention.
  • It allows you to celebrate diversity in the workplace.
  • It promotes work-life balance.
  • It’s an effective way to create positive memories and spread cheer and smiles during the festive season.
  • It helps your business stand out.

14 ideas for corporate gifts for Christmas

Sometimes, it might be difficult to come up with a corporate Christmas gift for your colleagues and employees. To ease your load, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of creative and useful Christmas gift ideas across different categories.

Corporate Christmas gifts: Personalised gifts

1. Customised coffee mugs featuring the employee’s name or a motivational message

What could be better than sipping your morning brew from a mug designed especially for you?

Personalised coffee mug

Personalised coffee mug with a custom photo via VistaPrint

Personalised mugs are the perfect way to make your team members feel valued and appreciated. 

Practical, heartwarming and with a dash of motivation, these mugs are sure to brighten up their workdays and add a touch of personalisation to their office space (as well as outside of it). 

VistaPrint Tip

Choose different mug styles for different employees to capture their unique characters and appeal to their preferences. VistaPrint offers a wide range of customisable mugs — different types, different volumes, different colours and different styles. Shop away!

2. Personalised stationery sets including notepads, pens and sticky notes with the employee’s name or initials on them

Even in this digital age in which notes are often taken on apps, stationery still holds its charm among employees. 

But not just any stationery – we’ve got a fabulous Christmas gift idea for you! Imagine personalised stationery sets featuring notepads, pens and pencils and sticky notes, all printed with the employee’s name or initials.

Personalised stationery sets as Christmas gifts

Personalised stationery sets as gifts for employees at Christmas via VistaPrint

Add a unique flair to their day-to-days. From jotting down creative ideas to leaving cute reminders, these one-off sets are a delightful mix of practicality and style. So, step away from the screen, rediscover the charm of pen and paper and gift your employees these handy supplies, made just for them.

VistaPrint Tip

To make your personalised stationery sets better associated with your business, don’t forget to add branding elements to them. Your company logo, brand fonts and colours will look great!

3. Monogrammed tote bags to more personality to their daily commute

Personalised tote bags as corporate Christmas gifts are sure to be a smash hit among employees for several reasons. Unlike regular bags that can be generic and uninspiring, personalised totes offer a delightful touch of style that sets them apart from the crowd. 

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, personalised tote bags cater to various needs and lifestyles. They’re incredibly versatile, fitting seamlessly into both professional and casual settings. Whether it’s carrying work essentials, gym gear or weekend essentials, these totes become the go-to companion for all occasions.

custom tote bag design

Source: Tote bag design by InQueen via 99designs by Vista

Corporate Christmas gifts: Home and living

4. Cosy blankets or throws made from soft and warm materials

Cosy blankets or throws made from soft and comfy materials make for delightful gifts for employees at Christmas. These snuggle companions are not just gifts; they’re a gesture that brings a sense of cosy and comfort to the workplace. They reminder your team mates that you care about their well-being, making sure they stay comfortable and snug while they work.

Personalised cosy blankets as Christmas gifts

Personalised cosy blankets as gifts for employees at Christmas via VistaPrint

5. Comfortable cushions

Who says you can have too many cushions? Spoiler alert: no one! So, if you’re scratching your head for the perfect Christmas gift, play it safe and treat your amazing co-workers to some comfy, branded cushions.

Personalised cushions as Christmas gifts for employees

Personalised cushions as gifts for employees at Christmas via VistaPrint

These not only jazz up the workspace with style, but they also turn those boring office chairs into majestic thrones, fit for productive royalty! Oh, and wait for it, they also boost posture power, so your team can conquer the day without a twinge of discomfort. It’s all about that ergonomic magic!

But the marvellousness doesn’t stop there! These cosy cushions are total MVPs at home too. Imagine your crew lounging on the couch, getting lost in a gripping novel, all the while being embraced by the snug support of a branded cushion you gave them during the Christmas season. Trust us, practical gifts are a hit with everyone!

VistaPrint Tip

When it comes to custom cushions, there’s lots of room for branding and creativity. You can either print a personalised cushion for every member of your team, adding a different photo to each item, or stay low-key and opt for a reserved brand logo somewhere in the corner of the cushion. Experiment; VistaPrint will take care of the rest!

 6. Personalised wine glasses and bottle opener set for wine enthusiasts

Branded wine glasses with your company logo

Branded wine glasses with your company logo as gifts for employees at Christmas

Personalised wine glasses could be a delightful choice for a corporate Christmas gift from your business.

Picture your team, raising their own personalised glasses during office celebrations or virtual happy hours, toasting to shared moments and creating lasting connections. It’s certainly a sight to see! 

VistaPrint Tip

While personalised wine glasses are a hit with many, it’s essential to remember that it might be the case that not all of your employees drink alcohol or they may prefer different beverages. To ensure inclusivity, consider other personalised options like mugs, water bottles or stylish tumblers that cater to various preferences.

Corporate Christmas gifts: Games and entertainment

7. Board games for team-building fun and social interaction during breaks

During the Christmas season, offices tend to wind down and the festive spirit takes over. It’s the perfect time for team-building activities and bonding – and what better way to do that than with board games! Essentially, by choosing board games as your corporate Christmas gift for employees, you give the gift of entertainment and togetherness.

But there’s more to the board games gift than making the workplace better! 

custom board game design

Source: Board game design by random.art.creator via 99designs by Vista

As families come together during the festive season, people of all ages crave fun activities to enjoy together. From kids to grandparents, board games bridge generations, creating lasting memories and moments of pure joy.

Consider these board games if you don’t want to give your employees yet another set of Monopoly or UNO:

  • Ticket to Ride: A strategic and easy-to-learn game in which players build train routes across various landmasses. Great for both board-game enthusiasts and beginners.
  • Splendor: A quick and addictive game of gem trading and card collection. Ideal for those who enjoy strategic gameplay.
  • Pandemic: A cooperative game in which players work together to stop the outbreak of deadly diseases. Perfect for encouraging teamwork and problem-solving.
  • Dixit: A creative and imaginative game in which players use abstract artwork to tell stories. Ideal for sparking creativity and conversation.

 8. Puzzles or brain teasers to stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills

custom puzzle design

Source: Puzzle design by Alexandra G Mocanu via 99designs by Vista

Puzzles are a versatile corporate Christmas gift that many will enjoy! From avid puzzlers to those trying it for the first time, this thoughtful present appeals to a wide range of interests and preferences. Whether your employees are looking to relax, stimulate their minds or simply a fun challenge, puzzles offer something for everyone.

9. Gift cards to buy virtually anything they need

One of the greatest advantages of giving gift cards as Christmas presents is that it gives employees the ability to decide how they wish to use them. All you need to do is acquire some well-suited gift cards and distribute them among your team members.

You can choose from a variety of options with this one — from gift cards for streaming to audiobook subscriptions! Some ideas could be subscriptions to Netflix, Disney+ or Amazon Prime.

VistaPrint Tip

To make your present even more festive, pair the gift card with a Christmas postcard. Create a unique design that reflects your brand values and is generally on-brand for your business.

custom gift card design

Source: Gift card design by Paresh Jadhav via 99designs by Vista

Corporate Christmas gifts: Office essentials

10. High-quality pen set with a smooth ink flow for a delightful writing experience

Personalised pens as Christmas gifts for employees

Personalised pens as Christmas gifts for employees via VistaPrint

We know the world has gone digital and our gadgets are practically glued to our hands. But hey, let’s not forget the good old days of writing on actual paper with actual pens! Sometimes, those gadgets betray us and we’re left scrambling to jot down something important.

A high-quality pen set with a smooth ink flow is the Christmas gift your employees didn’t know they needed. Sure, they might not use it every day, but when the moment strikes, they’ll be thanking their lucky stars they have this sleek pen in hand.

VistaPrint Tip

To remind your employees who saved the day with a pen that glides across paper like a dream, brand your corporate gifts for Christmas. Choose and order a custom pen for your employees.

11. Professional notepads or notebooks with elegant designs for jotting down ideas

custom notebook design

Source: Notepad design by Fran.illus via 99designs by Vista

Since we’ve already touched on the subject of digital-less writing, let’s add another stationery wonder to our list of Christmas gift ideas for employees. A professional notepad – a classic, really. 

Not only do these notebooks come with so much style, but they’re also extremely practical! They offer ample space for doodling, scribbling and noting down those brilliant ideas that strike at the most unexpected moments. 

When it comes to notepads and notebooks, there are several material options you can choose from to add just the right touch of personality.

12. Desk calendars to keep track of days in style

desk calendars as Christmas gifts

Desk calendars as staff Christmas gifts via VistaPrint

Desk calendars are the perfect Christmas corporate gift for employees because they offer a nice blend of functionality and personalisation. In today’s fast-paced world, staying organised is essential and a desk calendar provides a convenient way for employees to keep track of their schedules, deadlines and important events.

But here’s the fun part – desk calendars can be customised to reflect the company’s branding, values or even feature beautiful images and motivational quotes. By personalising the calendars, you create a unique connection between the employees and the organisation, fostering a sense of belonging and pride.

Corporate Christmas gifts: Fashion and accessories

13. Branded merch: T-shirts, hoodies, jumpers

Alright, alright, we get it – branded merch might be a bit overdone, but who said it’s a bad Christmas gift idea for your employees? Sure, they might have a wardrobe full of T-shirts, polo shirts and jumpers, but trust us, they’ll never say no to another one!

custom hoodie design

Source: T-shirt design by noodlemie via 99designs by Vista

So, here’s the deal – sure, branded merch might not be the most groundbreaking Christmas corporate gift idea, but it’s a safe bet that your employees will appreciate it and actually use it. 
Check out VistaPrint’s vast collection of customisable clothes and accessories that you can give your employees this Christmas season.

14. Fashionable phone cases with unique designs to suit different personalities

An accessory that’s so one-of-a-kind (because, as we already said, people nowadays are rarely seen without their smartphones) that we decided to add it to the list of Christmas gift ideas for employees as a separate option. 

An epic phone case. A definite hit… if you know exactly which phones your employees use. It would be awkward if you gave a Samsung phone case to an iPhone user or vice-versa.

Don’t settle for the ordinary – elevate your Christmas gifting game with VistaPrint’s custom options. From pretty decor to practical supplies and more, VistaPrint will help you deliver the best corporate gifts that leave a lasting impression.