14 Christmas signage ideas for the festive season and a few bonus tips

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Twinkly lights, Santa sacks and wreaths are, without a doubt, classic Christmas must-haves! But if you run a small business, you know there’s one thing that can take your Christmas game to the next level: functional signage. You’ve come to the right place. Here, we offer not only creative solutions, but also ideas you can use for your Christmas makeover right away.

In this article, we’ve curated the ultimate list of merry Christmas signage ideas to give your shopfront that extra festive flair both inside and out. Plus, we’ll show you how to extend the Christmas magic by taking your signage online and by sharing the best festive signage practices to ensure your signs are a guaranteed hit this festive season.

Indoor Christmas signage ideas

1. Add a Christmas touch to your window display

As the festive season approaches, it’s time to give your shop window display a festive makeover. Whether you’re showcasing great gifts or decking it out with a rainbow of Christmas trees, let’s take it a step further this year!

Here are a few design ideas for your Christmas posters:

  • A lively scene of Father Christmas and his elves busy at work
  • Sandy shores, palm trees, Santa in board shorts, and perhaps a kangaroo or two pulling Santa’s sleigh (more on this, later!)
  • Kangaroos, koalas or kookaburras dressed up for the season
  • Favourite Christmas carol lyrics
  • Vintage ornaments, nostalgic typography and old-fashioned Christmas greetings
  • Holly, mistletoe and other festive botanical elements
  • A multicultural design featuring international seasonal traditions and symbols

2. Communicate seasonal events

Are you planning on hosting a Christmas sale or festive event? Let customers know what they can look forward to with posters hung throughout your shop and flyers tucked into every shopping bag. A poster decked out with seasonal elements (like Christmas trees or string lights) will instantly add a festive vibe to any wall in your shop – and get customers excited about what’s to come.

Christmas signage being put in a store

3. Promote your seasonal specials

Even if you aren’t hosting any events this festive season, there will definitely be seasonal specials you’ll want to promote. So, why not make it a part of your seasonal signage?

Promote your Christmas deals, discounts or limited-time offers with eye-catching signs placed strategically throughout your shop.

Christmas signage promoting seasonal specials

VistaPrint Tip

To make your seasonal offerings even more eye-catching, tie them to the current situation just like Lifestyle did in 2020 amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Lifestyle’s Christmas signage announcing changes due to Covid restrictions

Lifestyle’s Christmas signage announcing changes due to Covid restrictions via Lifestyle

4. Build a festive photo booth

A well-designed and eye-catching festive photo booth instantly grabs the attention of passersby, drawing them towards your business. It also encourages customers to take fun pictures and share them on their social, effectively making your brand visible to a wider audience. Finally, it helps to boosts your customers’ connection with your brand as you create a memorable experience for them.

Christmas photo booth at Target

Photo Booth & Oh-so-fun Christmas signage at Target via Pinterest

VistaPrint Tip

Add your branding elements to the photo booth and the props you leave there to get more brand recognition and raise brand awareness when your visitors share their festive pictures on social.

5. Do a Christmas countdown

If you’re looking to add festive spirit to your space and create a jolly atmosphere, we’ve got the perfect Christmas signage idea for you — a delightful countdown to Christmas!

Christmas signage counting down to Christmas at The Otter

Christmas signage counting down to Christmas via Facebook

It builds excitement and anticipation among your customers, turning each passing day into a magical journey towards the big celebration, encourages repeat visitors and can provide you with content for your business’s social media pages. This means more foot traffic, increased opportunities for sales and increased brand awareness.

To make your Christmas signage even more of a customer magnet, reveal daily surprises or offers as each day passes. The “twelve days of Christmas,” with a spin, if you will. 

VistaPrint Tip

Make sure the countdown to Christmas signage is prominently displayed and designed to capture attention. Use vibrant colours, festive fonts and captivating graphics to make it a visual delight.

6. Help your shoppers with a Christmas gift guide

Colourfully curated Christmas gifts

Christmas signage announcing colourfully curated Christmas gifts

Christmas shopping can sometimes feel like navigating a wonderland maze, but with your helpful gift guide signage, customers can breeze through the aisles with ease. The clear and organised sections will guide them directly to the perfect presents for their loved ones — “Gifts for Him,” “Gifts for Her” and “Gifts for Kids.”

7. Direct customers to the gift wrapping station

When it comes to Christmas-themed indoor directional signs, creativity knows no bounds! To add a festive touch and guide your customers through your space, consider using these materials:

  • Hang Christmas-themed fabric banners or vinyl banners with cheerful designs and vibrant colours. 
  • Craft wooden signs shaped like ornaments and paint them with festive colours and patterns. 
  • Decorate mini Christmas trees with ornaments and lights and place them strategically to guide shoppers through your shop. 
  • Create whimsical North Pole signposts using pole banners.
  • Add a playful touch by placing stickers of reindeer footprints on the floor, leading the way to the gift-wrapping station.
A Christmas signage idea for business: In-store directional signs

Christmas-themed in-store directional signs via Front Signs

8. Gamify the process with interactive Christmas signage

With an interactive Christmas signage approach, you can turn ordinary shopping into an exciting and memorable adventure. 

Here are some delightful ideas to bring the Christmas spirit to life:

  • Scratch-off promotions: Who doesn’t love a surprise? Create posters or cards with scratch-off elements, revealing special discounts, secret codes or festive messages. Customers will enjoy the thrill of uncovering hidden surprises as they engage with your interactive signage.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) experiences: Embrace cutting-edge technology by incorporating augmented reality into your Christmas signage. Invite customers to use their smartphones or tablets to unlock virtual surprises, playful characters or Christmas-themed games that dance into reality.
  • Interactive QR codes: Add QR codes to your Christmas signage, leading customers to online games, Christmas-themed videos or exclusive deals. This interactive twist brings an extra layer of engagement to your signage.

VistaPrint Tip

You can print out QR code stickers and place them on your signs or posters.

9. Hang a festive poster on the door to wish your customers a jolly Christmas

Running short on time and budget but still want to give your business space a merry Christmas makeover? Go for the charm of easy door posters that bring the festive spirit to life without breaking the bank. 

Christmas signs that spread festive spirit

Examples of Christmas signage to spread the joy of the festive season via Front Signs

Outdoor Christmas signage ideas

10. Set up a footpath sign

When it comes to spreading Christmas cheer and capturing the attention of bustling Christmas shoppers, the classic footpath sign emerges as a true Christmas signage champion. It’s a time-honoured tradition loved all over the world, and there’s no mystery why — it simply works wonders!

11. Put up Christmas sale banners

When the season arrives, ’tis the season for merry shopping and festive celebrations! And what better way to catch the attention of eager shoppers than with eye-catching Christmas sale banners hanging just outsideb your brick-and-morter spaces? These vibrant banners get the festive feels going, drawing in customers with your unmissable Christmas deals and spreading the word far and wide.

an example of Christmas store signage

An example of a Christmas special sale sign

The best thing? You can opt for a creative Christmas banner and come up with a funky phrase to announce your Christmas sale. For example…

  • “Jingle All the Way to Savings!”
  • “Unwrap the Joy of Discounts!”
  • “Sleigh the Season with Our Christmas Sales!”
  • “Merry & Bright Deals Inside!”
  • “Holly Jolly Savings Await!”

12. Tell customers when to shop with signage informing them of your Christmas opening hours

Details make all the difference – even with something as simple as Christmas opening hours signage. Many businesses adjust their hours during the busy season, so if you’re planning to stay open late on Fridays or offer private shopping on weekday mornings, order an updated sign to display your operating hours. 

13. Install festive directional signage

In the bustling excitement of the season, ensuring your customers have a smooth shopping experience is paramount. While we’ve already explored the beauty of directional signs indoors, don’t let the Christmas magic stop there! Extend the delight by guiding visitors through every step of their journey from the moment they spot your shop in the distance.

Whether it’s the delightful floor decals inside your shop or the festive A-frame sign on your storefront, directional signage plays a huge role in creating a seamless shopping experience for all.

14. Welcome Christmas carollers

The festive season is a time of coming together, spreading cheer and giving back to the community. As businesses bask in the festive spirit, there’s no better way to live upto the true meaning of Christmas than by welcoming in Christmas carollers. Let your outdoor signage extend a warm welcome to these merry singers strolling down the street and watch the magic unfold.

Bonus ideas: Take your signage to your online channels 

In today’s digital age, the rise of phygital experiences has revolutionised the way businesses engage with their audience. As the demand for seamless online and offline integration grows, it’s essential for businesses to expand their online presence creatively. 

Stick or hang your Christmas signage beyond your physical shopfront and onto the virtual realm.

Make your Christmas signage the star of your social media posts

Your Christmas signage deserves more than just offline visibility – it’s too good not to shine in the online world as well! So, why not elevate its stardom by showcasing it in the spotlight of your social media accounts? Let your fantastic signage captivate both your in-store customers and your online audience, spreading the festive cheer far and wide.

Here are a few ideas that will help your Christmas signage shine bright on your business social media platforms:

  • Create cheerful stories related to your Christmas signage, showcasing how it brings happiness to your customers and employees.
  • Feature customer testimonials or reviews in front of your Christmas signage. Share delightful stories of how your products or services brought joy to their Christmas celebrations.
  • Use the interactive features on social media platforms like Instagram Stories to showcase your Christmas signage. Use polls, quizzes and stickers to engage your audience and gather feedback.

Show behind-the-scenes footage of your shop’s Christmas signage creation process

There’s something captivating about the magic that unfolds behind the scenes, and your audience would love to be a part of it! Take them on your DIY journey by offering glimpses of how you designed and brought your Christmas signage to life. 

For maximum engagement, you can invite your audience to participate in the process by asking for their input or opinions on certain design elements. Conduct polls or Q&A sessions about colour choices, Christmas motifs or the wording of messages.

Tap into the power of UGC: Run a social media contest encouraging visitors to your shop to publish photos of your Christmas signage

Encourage customers to take photos in front of your Christmas signage and share them on social media using a specific hashtag. Host a festive photo contest and offer exciting prizes for the most creative, heartwarming or humorous pictures.

Once the contest ends, announce the winners with fanfare. Feature their winning photos on your social media platforms, blog or even display them in-store. This acknowledgment not only brings joy to the winners but also showcases your commitment to appreciating and celebrating your customers.

Christmas signage best practices

Go all-out during the festive season

In the world of Christmas marketing, more is truly merrier. Don’t restrict yourself to just one type of sign; instead, deck up both your indoor and outdoor spaces with festive signage.

Explore the wide variety of Christmas signage ideas and don’t be afraid to mix and match various styles and designs. Play with different shapes, colours and themes to create a visually captivating atmosphere that entices customers and evokes Christmas joy.

Make sure to stay on brand

Despite the festive flair, maintain consistency with your brand identity. Integrate your company’s logo, colours and messaging into the Christmas signage, ensuring coherence between the Christmas spirit and your business’s unique personality.

Double-check your signs are in the top-notch shape

Examine your Christmas signage with a hawk’s eye. Is it time to replace faded prints or worn materials? Keep your signage looking fresh and inviting by updating it if needed. A vibrant and well-maintained display boosts the overall shopping experience and encourages customers to explore the magic you have to offer.

If you have outdoor Christmas signage, consider using weather-resistant materials to withstand the seasonal elements. Wind, rain and the sun can take a toll on signage, so opt for durable materials that ensure your messaging remains intact throughout the festive season.

Add a pinch of humour to your Christmas signs 

Humour is always a good idea, especially during the festive season (like the poster idea we mentioned up top – sandy shores, palm trees, Santa in board shorts, and perhaps a kangaroo or two pulling Santa’s sleigh). By adding a pinch of humour to your Christmas signage, your business will…

  • Capture the attention of visitors
  • Evoke positive emotions
  • Create a memorable experience 
  • Build your brand personality
  • Drive social media engagement

There are lots of different ways you can incorporate humour into your Christmas signage. For instance, you can…

Craft witty and playful messages that your audience finds relatable, something that makes them smile. Use puns, clever wordplay or seasonal jokes that showcase your brand’s personality while capturing the Christmas spirit. 

  • “De-light-ful Decorations: Brighten Up Your Home!” for a business that offers lighting solutions
  •  “Un-fur-gettable Christmas Toys for Your Pawesome Pal!” for a pet shop
  • “Jingle All the Way: Accessorise with Sparkle and Shine!” for a clothing and accessories shop

Complement your humorous messaging with delightful visuals is funny right from the first glance. Add quirky illustrations, amusing caricatures or unexpected twists on traditional Christmas elements. 

VistaPrint Tip

While humour can be a delightful addition to your Christmas signage, always consider your audience and the context in which you are using humour. Avoid jokes or content that may be potentially offensive or exclude certain groups. The goal is to bring smiles and joy to all customers, making them feel welcome and appreciated.

From twinkly lights to snazzy print ideas, functional signage can transform your shopfront into a captivating wonderland all year round. With our ultimate guide to creative signage, you’re well-equipped to leave a lasting impression on your customers. So, unleash your creativity and make your business stand out with showstopping signs that draw in crowds and boost your brand.