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50 ideas to increase store traffic during sports events

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Sports events bring together communities of fans to share their excitement. And as a part of that fan community, small businesses can increase foot traffic and connect with customers by joining in on that fervour.

Whether it’s a big final between famous athletes or a local match, sports inspire passionate discussion, making them ideal for starting conversations and for marketing. Sports marketing, the promotion of a business or product through the medium of sports, is so broad that any business can take advantage of it, regardless of whether their products have anything to do with sports. 

Plus, small businesses reach new customers with sports marketing because sports fandoms cut through diverse segments of the population. And of course, sports are just fun — and your shop can be a part of that infectious joy.

There are many sports marketing methods, from direct strategies (like airing an advert during the match) to indirect strategies (like heightening brand awareness through sports-themed shop decorations). We cover 50 examples of promotions your business can use to increase traffic during sports events.

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Brick-and-mortar shop branding ideas for sports events

1. Reward customers for wearing sports clothing

Nothing gets customers through your front door like a prize or discount for simply showing up. And giving out those rewards on the basis of outfits, such as wearing a specific team’s colours, is a great way to participate in customers’ enthusiasm for the sport. And because everyone loves a compliment on their outfit, this promotion provides an opportunity for positive interactions at the till.

Funny t-shirt design with a sports theme

Source: netralica via 99designs by Vista

2. Create a banner for the event

Unlike ordinary signs, banners come with a grandiose sense of importance, used historically for the display of family heraldry. For brands on a budget, a banner congratulating a local team for making it to a championship event can be a simple way to display your hometown pride and increase foot traffic.

3. Decorate your shop interior with party supplies

Crepe paper, balloons and tableware in team colours are an easy way to show your excitement for an upcoming match, celebrate local athletes and give customers a visual break from your ordinary in-store branding. Simple as they are, party supplies accomplish a lot for shops who want to participate in a sports event without spending too much time or money.

Party supply store logo design

Source: TheBluebird via 99designs by Vista

4. Create a sports-themed window display

The beauty of window displays is that they’re always changing. A sports event provides the perfect opportunity for a window display theme that references timely popular culture and resonates with passing traffic. While retail shops might simply update their mannequins with sports clothing and accessories, other shops lacking a direct sports connection (like a florist) might decorate their window display with team colours.

5. Set up an A-frame chalkboard sign

An A-frame chalkboard sign is more than an ad for pavement traffic — it’s a personalised message. This is a great tool for showing your enthusiasm for an upcoming event or simply celebrating a local team’s accomplishments with a hand-crafted display. And you can always reuse a chalkboard sign for any occasion after the event is over.

6. Set up in-store Instagram photo ops

Given that Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, most customers will seize any opportunity to make unique content for it. Transform an unused corner of your shop into a photo booth with a selection of props (like rackets, balls or other athletic equipment), backdrop decor and decent lighting and invite customers to your shop for a photo opportunity.

Cartoon illustration series of sports-themed spectator avatars

Source: Warlourd arts via 99designs by Vista

7. Display a countdown to the match

Having a countdown to an upcoming event can both heighten and share in your customers’ anticipation — and it may even spark some match chat during checkout. Whether digital (like a series of social media posts) or physical (like a large printed display with tearaway numbers) a countdown display is an excellent opportunity to show off creative shop branding.

8. Create an in-store product display

Product displays near a shop’s entrance not only highlight featured products, they also entice traffic passing by the front doors. For sports-themed ideas, bookshops might set up a table of sporting memoirs while food shops and delis might feature watch-party snacks.

Sports-themed book cover design for a parenting self-help book

Source: kostis Pavlou via 99designs by Vista

9. Set up an outdoor food and beverage station

An outdoor food or beverage station allows shop owners to provide free amenities during outdoor sporting events. This is ideal for sporting events that run through the street, like a local marathon or charity run, where small businesses can show up for the community right outside their door. And to make your station stand out, show off your branding with a custom tablecloth.

10. Create a sports-themed window decal

Window decals create a seamless sticker sign for glass surfaces. This sleek signage can be used as an illustrated graphic for the shop’s front windows or for glass displays inside the shop. For example, a food shop might make window decals for their freezer aisle doors that upsell frozen snacks that are perfect for watch parties.

Window decal showing an aspirational fitness design

Source: Aleksey Blue via 99designs by Vista

11. Open a pop-up shop outside the event

Instead of drawing traffic to your shop, bring your shop to the traffic by opening a pop-up shop outside the event. This promotion will involve securing permission from the venue and putting money into producing an eye-catching stand with standout signage. At the same time, it’s a great way to get your brand in front of people who might not ordinarily visit your shop.

Shop party ideas for sports events

12. Host a match-day watch party

For televised athletic events, a watch party not only brings locals to your shop, it lets you join them as spectators. This promotion requires a decent-sized TV, ample seating and food/beverage options, making it ideal for bars and restaurants. To heighten engagement between participants, brainstorm activities for ad breaks, like recaps or trivia. Don’t forget to design posters or flyers to promote the event.

Illustration of farm animals watching a sports game in a bar

By miridi via 99designs by Vista

13. Host in-store competitions

Watching athletes compete has a tendency to inspire competition everywhere. Businesses can channel that competitive spirit within their own shops by organising games for customers. Some examples might include hosting a sports trivia night or a sports-themed in-store scavenger hunt.

14. Set up a raffle

Raffles encourage customers to come in and try their luck — provided the prizes are worth even the small effort it takes to participate. For sports-themed prize ideas, you might consider tickets to the match (if it’s local and affordable) or sports merchandise like a signed football shirt or custom watch-party kits.

15. Set up a contest box for customers to predict outcomes

Anticipating how the match will turn out is a huge part of the fun in discussing sports. Retail businesses can encourage those discussions by setting up a contest box for predictions beside the till. In contrast to random chance games like raffles, predictions appeal to both casual and serious spectators looking to analyse player stats.

16. Organise your own local ‘tailgate’

Common in the US and Canada, tailgates are social events held in car parks outside stadiums, though pre-match public parties are certainly not unique to these countries. These impromptu gatherings, with food literally offered out of the back of cars, don’t take a great deal of preparation or cost for local businesses to participate in. Since participants bring their own food, this can be a perfect opportunity for non-food and beverage businesses to set up stands offering last minute clothing and accessories or merchandise for the match.

Logo design for a tailgate party

Source leargamar via 99designs by Vista

17. Create a custom match-day bingo card

Anything can happen during a sports event, from epic comebacks to half-time surprises, and bingo cards can turn some of your wildest predictions into a fun activity. By giving out custom match-day bingo cards, your business can participate in the spectator experience with its own brand of humour. If you’re hosting a watch party, funny bingo cards also make for great handouts.

18. Host an afterparty

Just because the clock has run out on the match doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Before going home from a local match, fans are still filled with adrenaline, eager to talk over everything that happened and keep the party going. Your restaurant or bar might just make the perfect destination for a match-day afterparty. To go the extra mile, a custom-designed ticket makes the party feel like a VIP event.

Digital promotion strategies for sports events

19. Restyle your website with a sports theme

A sports theme on your business website, like a colour scheme change or a cartoon sports animation, keeps your digital content feeling current and unpredictable. Website builders like Wix make it easy to customise your website for special occasions like sports events.

Travel website design with a sports-themed header

Source: ANDREAS STUDIO via 99designs by Vista

20. Create sports-oriented blog content

Blogs aren’t only useful for picking up traffic through SEO, but for educating and entertaining your readers. If your shop already has a blog, consider ways your brand can transform the sports event into useful content. For example, an electronics brand might produce content around earbuds and get quotes from local athletes about which product they use and what they listen to during training.

21. Encourage user-generated sports content with a hashtag

User-generated content inspires followers to participate directly in your social media feed beyond simple likes and comments. A clothing shop, for example, could encourage customers to post match-day outfits they’ve purchased. This strategy works particularly well with a promotional hashtag.

22. Partner with a sports influencer

Influencers allow brands to get their products in front of new and big audiences. Partnering with an influencer can involve setting up a photoshoot for a shop visit or sending sample products and sponsoring social media content about it. For example, a fitness influencer might show how a product fits into their daily workout.

handdrawn illustration of businessmen in a boxing ring

Source: InQueen via 99designs by Vista

23. Share sports-related polls on social media

Sports generate no shortage of passionate opinions, and social media polls encourage customers to channel that passion around your brand. Often the polls that get the most opinions are the silliest, like a salon asking followers to rank the hairstyles of famous athletes. The more wild and unique the poll options are, the more likely followers will want to engage — though prizes for participation, like tagging friends, doesn’t hurt either.

24. Keep customers informed during sports events

For long-running events where there are many matches or different sports being played over a long period of time, like the Olympics or championship play-offs, brands can share updates with customers as things go on. Alternatively, you might create an intriguing infographic giving statistical, historical or even nutritional context to the sport or its athletes through your brand. While a shop doesn’t have to act as a primary news source, this provides another avenue for entering the conversation with valuable information.

Infographic showing nutritional information behind brand products

Source: velvetmade via 99designs by Vista

25. Incorporate sports into email newsletter campaigns

Email newsletters are more than simple updates — they mirror personal correspondence. In this way, an email newsletter is a perfect space for conversational copy that references current topics like sports events.

26. Create sports-themed video content

Sports, like most popular culture, provide a relevant topic to frame social media video content around. With video, you can take viewers on a floor tour, showing how your shop is setting up for the event. Or you might make a funny clip, like an employee pep talk treated like a team huddle. Through personality and humour, these videos showcase the people behind your brand.

animation of football player rolling on floor with injury

Source: Studio Ochi via 99designs by Vista

27. Participate in social media conversations about the event

The best way to participate in the passionate discussions around sport is to do so directly. While posting original content tends to get the most attention in social media marketing, contributing comments on other posts is an overlooked method for getting eyes on your brand. If the posts are particularly viral, garnering a lot of likes in the comment section will ensure your brand account rises to the top of the discourse.

Shop advertising ideas for sports events

28. Advertise during the event

The most direct way to increase shop traffic during a sports event is to launch a creative ad campaign through the event itself, either with televised commercials or ads within the event venue. While famous events are beyond the scope of a small business, go for the next best thing — advertise with a local bar where patrons will gather to watch the match.

29. Promote seasonal sports discounts

A timely discount is one of the simplest ways to capitalise on an upcoming sports event. Although a shop can simply advertise marked down prices, giving customers a small activity to do, like tearing off a voucher or using a creative promo code, generates the feeling that they’ve ‘earned’ access through a special ticket.

Poster design for a gym membership sale

Source: Piximco via 99designs by Vista

30. Partner with relevant businesses for cross promotion

Sports provide unique opportunities for cross promotion through strategic partnerships with other businesses. For example, a deli might want to spotlight a local brewery by setting up a tasting table for match-day beverages. Or a café might showcase sports-themed artwork for sale by local artists on its wall.

31. Launch sports-themed print ad campaigns

A sports-themed print advertising campaign can promote relevant athletic products, or it may just involve working sports references into promotions for unrelated products. In either case, aspirational ads compelling viewers to reach their full potential fit in both with athletics and with any product that improves purchasers’ lives.

Print poster design for a fitness course

Source: Héctor Ovidio Miranda via 99designs by Vista

32. Launch a gift-with-purchase promotion

A gift-with-purchase promotion provides an obvious incentive for customers to purchase something. For branded sports-themed gifts, consider common promotional products spectators might use, like drinks bottles, travel bags, bottle openers, totes, flags or whistles.

33. Host sports-related workshops or classes

It takes no shortage of skill and expertise to run a successful business in any industry. Shop owners can share that expertise and enhance their reputation as a thought leader through a workshop or class. For sports-themed classes, a makeup brand could host a class on match-day warpaint makeup, whereas a wellness food brand could get the community together for a cooking class on healthy watch-party recipes.

34. Host a sports insider as a speaker

For bookshops, hospitality spaces, cafés or bars where speaker events commonly occur, an upcoming athletic event is an opportunity to book a sports insider as a speaker. Even when it comes to famous sports events, local sports professionals like journalists can be tapped for analysis. Because many sports fans passively consume sports commentary, hosting a speaker makes your shop the channel for interactive commentary with a professional.

Illustration of a sports commentator with a microphone

Source: Dukecartoons via 99designs by Vista

35. Hire a sports mascot or sign flipper to stand outside the shop

Mascots aren’t just for the pitch! Brick-and-mortar shops can hire mascots to promote the business to passing traffic. Because official team mascots are usually trademarked, an unrelated but similar mascot costume can still get the idea across (the knock-off quality can even play into the humour). Alternatively, consider hiring a sign flipper to wear sports-related colours.

36. Sponsor a local sports event, team or league

Local events, like charity runs, regularly rely on sponsorships since they are often organised by volunteers. Not only do sponsoring events like these — through financial donations or useful products like food, clothing and accessories — promote your local business, they show that you’re actively involved and giving back to the community.

Flyer design for a children’s baseball camp

Source: Rose ❋ via 99designs by Vista

37. Sponsor sports news content or a podcast

During high profile sports events, sports news sites and podcasts naturally get traffic spikes. Channel that traffic to your own brand by sponsoring sports news content or paying for advertising on a sports news site or podcast.

38. Organise a charity donation tie-in

Sports events are a communal experience, which means it’s the perfect time to give back to the community. Businesses can launch a donation campaign linked to a sports event, like giving a certain percentage of sales of limited-edition merchandise to a sports-related charity. Not only does this increase sales, it does so for the betterment of the world.

Shop merchandising ideas for sports events

39. Rebrand your logo with a sports theme

Redesigning your logo with seasonal themes for different occasions, including sports events, is a small but impactful way to shake up your branding while linking the joy of sports to your identity. To avoid trademark conflicts, the new design can be generally related to the sport as a whole, incorporating graphics of specific equipment, generic athletes or anything else fans will immediately connect with the sport.

40. Create limited-edition tie-in products

Limited-time events are made for limited-edition products. Gym equipment, specialty drinkware and even simple products like keyrings or pens all provide a great basis for simple memorabilia. Like seasonal items, these promotional tie-ins generate a sense of rarity that encourages collection.

Label design for a sport beer brand

Source: cynemes via 99designs by Vista

41. Fill out a branded tournament tracker

Tournament trackers help spectators keep track of which teams or players have advanced in a long-running competition. Filling out this sheet provides a tangible way to participate in the event. And businesses can produce their own tournament trackers with a branded design so customers will keep them in mind while following the action.

42. Create speciality menu items

For restaurants and bars, sports events can fuel creative themes for new, limited-time recipes. A well-designed table tent goes a long way in communicating that these are off-menu, one-of-a-kind dishes or cocktails.

43. Print custom stickers or badges

Shopping bag fillers are small gift items that you include with purchases. While it costs a shop money to design and produce these, free gifts create a positive experience for customers. For sports-specific shopping bag fillers, branded stickers or badges encourage customers to wear their team loyalties on their sleeve and advertise your shop in the process.

Illustrated sticker design with a cartoon golf ball character

Source: yyusopp via 99designs by Vista

44. Print limited-edition delivery packaging

E-commerce brands or shops that involve a good deal of deliveries can design custom packaging, such as boxes, mailers and/or packaging tape, in sports-themed designs. This not only transforms your traditional packaging but enhances the unboxing experience for customers.

45. Sell commemorative T-shirts

For sports events that happen rarely, commemorative T-shirts provide wearable keepsakes — just like concert T-shirts show the wearer was at a particular tour. Even if these T-shirts use a general sports-themed design, incorporating a date will bring the event to mind for years afterwards.

Fan t-shirt design for the Football World Cup

Source: ANDREAS STUDIO via 99designs by Vista

46. Print custom sports-themed retail bags

Shopping bags may serve the practical function of carrying products, but they are also canvases for subtle advertising, displaying your shop’s branding as shoppers carry their items around town. When combined with durable totes, a sports theme inspires customers to treat the bags as sports memorabilia and reuse them.

47. Design informational handouts

Attending any public event can involve no shortage of planning, especially when you have a big family to corral. Businesses can help their customers out with branded informational pamphlets or handouts at the till. For local events, a shop might include a map showing car parks/toilets nearby, or they might design a checklist of useful items to bring.

Island map illustration of an island with sports stadiums

Source: RON GRAPHIX via 99designs by Vista

48. Create weather-related items for outdoor sporting events

Outdoor sports events come with unpredictable weather that spectators sometimes forget to account for. So before they get stuck buying overpriced umbrellas, fans, sunglasses or visors from the venue, your business can help them plan ahead of time with your own branded weather merch.

49. Create branded spectator merch

Spectator merchandise, such as flags and signs, is often purchased on the spot at the venue for marked-up prices. Instead, small businesses can offer their own, much more reasonably priced spectator merchandise. Not only does this increase revenue, it encourages spectators to cheer on their favourite team while incidentally showcasing your branding.

Illustration showing spectators cheering on a football game

Source: ALBERTO JIMENEZ via 99designs by Vista

50. Print sports-themed gift certificates

Gift certificates are great canvases for custom designs celebrating ongoing sports events. Because gift certificates are often given to people who are not regular customers, a sporty design gives a first impression of your brand’s fun-loving personality.

Increase your shop’s traffic with the next sports event

A sports event is a prime opportunity to connect with customers over a passionate hobby. Any business, whether big or small, sports-related or not, can face their competition through new and creative sports promotions. 

Between digital content, physical shop rebrands, in-person games, direct advertising and merchandising and games, there are so many ways to increase traffic through the medium of sports. If you still haven’t found the right approach for your shop, keep in mind that the main goal is to share in the communal bonding around the event. You may not always increase traffic directly or create immediate sales, but as long as you’ve started a conversation, you’re ahead of the game.