Introducing the Vista Creativity Report

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Whether it’s a way to unwind from everyday stresses or a part of your daily life, creativity is within us all. While our imaginations run wild as children and creativity shows up frequently at school and in the playground, it’s easy for creativity to fall by the wayside as we enter adulthood. But is there more to creativity than simply picking up a paint brush? And what are the benefits that creativity can offer us to improve our wellbeing and support our life experiences?

In exploring these questions and recognising the fundamental importance of creativity, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the very first Vista Creativity Report.

The Vista Creativity Report is an annual research piece that aims to uncover the inner creativity of every Australian with a focus on key creative pillars. We’re diving deep to unpack what creativity means, why there’s value to be found in reconnecting with creative practices and how creativity can benefit our professional and personal lives.

In partnership with PureProfile, and produced by Vista Australia, we interviewed 1000 Australians in September 2023 to explore all things creativity. We’re thrilled to share our research with you and shed light on what creativity means to Australians.

Whether you’re connected to creative practices or seeking to reignite your creative roots, our research uncovered one key truth that we can all learn from: creativity is good for us all. 

But first, what is creativity?

Creativity relates to the ability to make or bring ideas into existence. Engaging in creative practices offers a world of possibility where imaginations are harnessed, and ideas are explored.

The Vista Creativity Report asked participants to define creativity and 71% explained it involves imagining or thinking of original ideas to create something.

From painting to writing and everything in between, creativity can take many forms but at its core is the ability to conceptualise, draw on original thinking and bring something into existence.

Interestingly, 18% of participants believe creativity defines who they are which speaks to the fundamental role creativity plays in our sense of identity. For Australians who have turned their ideas into side hustles or businesses, creativity is likely to have an even greater impact on their professional and personal life. 

The Vista Creativity Report also revealed 8% of participants started a creative hobby to connect with friends and family. The opportunity to partake in a shared activity can be a simple and effective way to incorporate creativity into your life and forge new social connections at the same time. From paint and sip classes to clay making workshops, there’s a range of options to choose from.

How can creativity improve our wellbeing?

Creativity can offer much-needed space to unwind and switch off. From increasing positive emotions to boosting productivity, the Vista Creativity Report reveals Australians not only find creative practices enjoyable and fun but also beneficial to their wellbeing. 

45% of participants said creativity increases their motivation and 69% believe creativity helps with their problem-solving skills. While creativity can involve engaging with artistic practices such as pottery or painting, it can also require the ability to think outside of the box and approach tasks with an innovative mindset.

Almost two thirds of participants said creativity has a positive impact on their mood and 51% believe creativity increases their mental clarity and ability to focus.

By tapping into our imaginations and inner world, we can adapt to challenges and achieve personal growth and development through creative thinking. The Vista Creativity Report and its research found Australians agree with this sentiment and believe creativity offers many benefits to their life in both a work and home environment.

In an increasingly digital world, does technology aid or undermine our creativity? 

As we spend more time on screens in digital environments, the time and effort we allocate to creativity and critical thinking can diminish. We can easily resolve challenges that pop up with the click of a button such as ordering forgotten items on our grocery list through a delivery app or using artificial intelligence to write an essay. But what impact does this have on our ability to think critically and is the value we place on creativity undermined as a result of technology?

The Vista Creativity Report examined these topics and revealed 35% of participants agree technology has removed the true ‘craft’ present within traditional creative practices such as sculpting and embroidery.

While 45% of participants agree Australian’s are at risk of losing the art of creativity due to an increase in artificial intelligence and automation, 31% believe that technology has improved creative hobbies and practices for the better.

These insights might seem conflicting at first glance, but they highlight our changing and nuanced relationship with creativity in a digital age. It’s never been easier to find the information you need to start a hobby but there’s also never been more distractions to prevent turning that hobby into a habit.

However, if technology and creativity can work together rather than against one another, we can harness our imaginations, improve our abilities to think critically and mitigate the risk of losing traditional creative practices.      

Unleash your inner creativity and turn your hobby into a side hustle

From the start, Vista has supported and encouraged creativity so brands can bring their ideas to life. And in 2023, we’re the leading marketing and design partner for small businesses across the world.

The Vista Creativity Report celebrates the creativity that is within us all and highlights the value Australians place on creative practices. We’re thrilled to share our findings with you and continue championing the small businesses that are born of creative ideas.

Whether you’re an avid chef looking to turn your recipes into a published cookbook, a budding photographer ready to create your very first portfolio of work or a painter wanting to showcase your art on canvas, Vista has the solutions you need to turn your creativity into so much more.

So, what are you waiting for? The verdict is in, and Australians have spoken. Creativity can impact our lives for the better and improve our professional and personal wellbeing. Now is the time to unleash your imagination, action your ideas and bring your creativity to life. And we’re here to offer the marketing and design solutions you need to turn your dreams into a reality.

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