Four inspiring brands led by mums share their success stories

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Small businesses are the spirit of our community. At VistaPrint, we’re proud to celebrate business owners who have turned their ideas into thriving brands. In this exclusive feature, we’re shining a spotlight on four fantastic mum-led brands. Discover their missions, proudest achievements as business owners and their insights on the importance of supporting other women.

Jeune Label

Meet Else Woodward, the founder and creative genius behind Jeune Label. Inspired by her two little boys (and a third on the way), Else’s small business offers fun, versatile and trendy clothing garments for young boys.

Can you tell us about your brand, its mission, and what inspired you to start your own business?

Else: Hello, I’m Else, and I’m the owner of Jeune Label (Jeune – pronounced J-ern; French origin meaning Young). My brand was born out of a personal need and passion for more diverse and empowering clothing options for little boys. As a mother of two boys (with my third due in 3 weeks!), I was disheartened by the limited number of choices available compared to the girls’ clothing racks. This inspired me to start Jeune Label during my second pregnancy.

Our aim is to close the gender gap in clothing options. We want to provide mums of little boys everywhere with a range of choices that excite, inspire and reflect the unique personalities of their little ones.

You’re in the kids’ fashion industry, but does your brand also celebrate the parents?

Else: Of course! While our focus may appear to be on little boys’ fashion, it’s the mothers we truly aim to cater to and inspire. As a fellow mum, I understand the selflessness that comes with prioritising family above all else. Often, we see kids adorned in the latest trends and toys while mums may be overlooked, still rocking the same graphic T-shirt since 2001!

At Jeune Label, we strive to celebrate and honour mothers by putting them at the forefront of each order. Along with their purchase for their little dudes, we include a personalised poem and a small gift to remind them of their worth and importance. Our goal is to make every mum feel seen, recognised and valued.

Does your business support and empower other female-led brands? If so, can you tell us how?

Else: Absolutely, supporting and empowering other female-led brands is a core value at Jeune Label. We actively seek out collaborations with ‘mumpreneurs’ whenever the opportunity arises. We prioritise working with businesses and individuals who share our values. For instance, our photography is handled by my talented friend, who is not only a fantastic photographer but also a super mum. Similarly, our virtual assistant is a very talented woman.

Personally, I make an effort to support small businesses run by fellow mums. Through this, I’ve discovered a wonderfully supportive community of mum business owners that understands the challenges and joys of balancing business and family life. By lifting each other up and engaging in collaborations with other female-led brands, we aim to create a network of support and empowerment within the industry.

Bailey’s Booptique

Meet Samantha Giles, the owner and creator of Bailey’s Booptique. Her delightful small business specialises in personalised pet accessories and treats.

Can you tell us about your brand, its mission, and what inspired you to start your own business?

Sammi: My name is Sammi, and I’m the proud owner and creator of Bailey’s Booptique. Alongside being a mother to my two beautiful human daughters, Mackenzie and Everlee, I’m also a pet mum to our two cats, Iduna and Arlo, and our beloved dog, Bailey. My business is all about celebrating the unique bond between pets and their humans. I believe that every pet is special and deserves to be treated with love and care, which is why I offer a wide range of top quality products that can be customised to reflect your pet’s pawsonality.

My business, Bailey’s Booptique, was of course inspired by Bailey, but also my love for animals and the
desire to create something special for our furry friends. I understand firsthand the joy that pets bring to
our lives, and I want to help other pet owners celebrate that love too.

Tell us more about how your brand celebrates pet parents.

Sammi: My brand honours the special bond between pet parents and their fur babies. I offer a diverse range of personalised gifts and accessories that are perfect for celebrating pet parents and the love they share with their four-legged babies. Our mission is to enhance this joy and fun of pet ownership. I feel this is a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge the unconditional love and companionship that animals bring to our lives.

Does your business support and empower other female-led brands? If so, can you tell us how?

Sammi: I’m incredibly passionate about supporting and empowering other female-led brands. I believe in the strength of collaboration and the importance of lifting each other up. That’s why I’m always looking to work with fellow female business owners and creators, whether it’s promoting their products on social media or collaborating on special projects. I truly believe in the power of women supporting women. And, I’m committed to fostering a community of empowerment and collaboration in the pet industry and beyond.

Since launching my business in July 2023, I have been lucky to receive the support of so many women
who have encouraged me along the way. Through the ups and downs of the journey, there have been
three remarkable women who have stood by me through it all. I’d like to take this opportunity to shine a
spotlight on them too:

● Jade the owner of @Rascal.Resins who creates the most stunning custom resin pet tags – if you
can think of it, she can do it!
● Tahnia the owner of @trsform.designs who specialises in all things floral when it comes to resin keyrings, bookmarks, coasters and so much more!
● Darah who is one of the kindest and most supportive women who runs her pooches account
@life0fStitch. Stitch and Darah have been my ambassadors since day one, and I’ll be forever
grateful for all their support

Cloverdale Beauty

Meet Hartanti, the owner of Cloverdale Beauty. The home-based beauty salon owner specialises in eyelash extensions that are customised to suit individual eye shapes and face structures.

Can you tell us about your brand, its mission, and what inspired you to start your own business?

Hartanti: Hi, I’m Hartanti and I’m the founder of Cloverdale Beauty. Founded in 2018, my boutique beauty salon is nestled in a home setting, offering clients a welcoming and luxurious ambience. My business specialises in eyelash extensions. I design each lash set to complement individual eye shapes and facial structures, ensuring a tailored experience for every client. My brand’s vision is to create a space where clients could not only enhance their outer beauty but also feel empowered and confident from within.

My business journey began with a profound realisation: beauty is diverse, and it manifests in countless
ways. Inspired by the beauty of individuality and uniqueness, I set out to establish a lash business that
enhances each client’s natural features without overwhelming them with dramatic looks.

The decision to start my own business came from a desire for empowerment and independence. As a
mother, I’ve been dreaming for a career path that would allow me to prioritise my family while pursuing
my passion for lashes. Through entrepreneurship, I’ve found the perfect balance between being a
devoted mother and a driven professional. I now have the freedom to set my own schedule, prioritise
what matters most and pursue my passion for lashes.

Being in the beauty industry, how does your brand celebrate the unique beauty of women?

Hartanti: To me, every woman represent beauty, strength and resilience. In my lash business, I see these qualities reflected in every client who walks through our doors. That’s why we aim to create a space where women feel pampered, appreciated and empowered to embrace their individuality and shine bright.

Does your business support and empower other female-led brands? If so, can you tell us how?

Hartanti: As a female entrepreneur, supporting other female-led brands is something we actively integrate into every aspect of our business operations. We source all our materials and products from a well-known female-founded brand. By collaborating and featuring them on our social media channels, we aim to boost their presence even further and contribute to a more inclusive and thriving industry landscape. I believe that by lifting each other up, we can pave the way for collective success.

Paper Pops

Meet Joanna Ou, the owner and creative force behind Paper Pops. The ingenious brand creates sustainable toys and play kits that not only encourage creativity but also enrich language and social skills in kids.

Can you tell us about your brand, its mission, and what inspired you to start your own business?

Joanna: Hi, I’m Joanna and I’m the founder of Paper Pops. My brand grew from my own desire as a parent to see my children engage in meaningful, imaginative play. My mission is to provide sustainable toys and play kits that not only enhance language and social skills but also foster a love for creative exploration.

The idea took root during the pandemic, when I saw firsthand the surprising durability and flexibility of cardboard as a medium. Inventing cardboard costumes and activities became my family’s way to escape the monotony and screen-times. The joy and connection these activities brought into my home inspired me to start Paper Pops. I wish to bring similar experiences to other families.

Tell us more about how your brand celebrates mum-child bonding.

Joanna: Mothers are the first and most influential teachers in their children’s lives. Our collection is designed to foster foundational language and social experiences through imaginative play at home that are often guided by mothers.

Mum’s are the ones who first teach their children to talk, to interact and to understand the world around them. By providing tools that support these initial learning experiences, we aim to enhance the meaningful interactions between mums and children, making every learning moment joyful and impactful.

Does your business support and empower other female-led brands? If so, can you tell us how?

Joanna: As a solopreneur, the support I’ve received from other female-led businesses has been invaluable. From stylists and website developers to photographers, their collaboration and generosity have played a crucial role in the growth and development of Paper Pops. I’m deeply grateful for their belief in my vision and their ongoing support. In return, I’m committed to doing my best to support these remarkable women and their businesses, sharing our resources and platforms to uplift each other in a community of mutual empowerment and growth.

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