Exclusive Interview: Meet the Makers of Brentos

4 minutes

Meet the Makers behind the inspiring brand that is Brentos. Founded by Australian Brent Turner and French-Canadian Tash Leemburg, the creative duo have turned their passion for Australian wildlife and art into a thriving small business.  

From painting murals to illustrating books and designing merch, Brentos works across a variety of projects, continuously drawing inspiration from Australia’s unique natural  landscape. Their rewarding partnerships with wildlife organisations such as WIRES and their commitment to supporting the environment makes Brentos a truly value-driven business.  

As a loyal VistaPrint customer, Brentos uses a range of marketing materials to bring their products to life. Whether it’s elevating customer’s unboxing experience with personalised packaging or turning artwork into stunning merch and branded products, we’re proud to support Brentos with their marketing and design needs.  

In this exclusive interview, we sit down with artist and illustrator Brent to discuss all things Brentos and its secrets to success. Here’s our chat with Brent.

Every business starts with an idea. What idea allowed Brentos to grow into the successful brand that it is today? 

When I began drawing, I would often feature Aussie animals. I saw an opportunity to use my drawings and paintings as a platform to spread awareness about wildlife rescue and conservation. In the early days, I’d make T-shirts as well as art prints and give all my profits to WIRES. To this day, Tash and I are still passionate wildlife nuts. We use our art to bring joy to people of all ages whilst sharing a positive and fun message about Australian animals. 

Brent, how did your brand develop its signature style? Was your artistic approach a natural evolution or were you intentional about your creative direction? 

Growing up with the bush in my backyard, I was always running around fire trails and admiring the local birds and wildlife, so I took a liking to drawing Australian animals and landscapes. When I started drawing digitally in 2015, I drew and painted quirky Australian animals in pastel colours with a vintage psychedelic Mambo surf style. I still hold onto this style, especially when working with clients such as breweries. Over time, my work has softened in its style and become more family friendly. 

How has Australia’s unique natural landscape influenced Brentos and its branding? 

Australia’s landscapes are a constant source of inspiration for Brentos. Tash and I try to get out into nature every day and are always surprised and inspired by what we discover.  We’ll often see little scenes like lorikeets darting in and out of tree hollows, wrens playing amongst huge grass trees, the smells of flowering gums and the sounds of flowing creeks.  All these little experiences make their way into our work. 

Brent, can you tell us about your partnership with WIRES and the ways in which Brentos has supported wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts? 

When I began drawing and painting in 2015, I would use it as a creative hobby and sometimes I’d make and sell art prints, paintings and t-shirts and would donate my profits to 

WIRES. While our hobby has grown into a small business, Tash and I remain committed to wildlife rescue and conservation. We often partner with WIRES and other wildlife organisations for fundraising and awareness. 

What does an everyday look like at Brentos and how do you work collaboratively with Tash to achieve your brand goals? 

I am the creative guy who makes all the illustrations and paintings, acting like a creative director for our brand. Drawing on my experience as a graphic and web designer in a past life, I pair these skills with my illustration skills and manage the branding and visual aesthetics of Brentos. Whilst I am busy doing that, Tash is often working behind the scenes prepping stock for trade shows, fulfilling orders, working on creative concepts and producing social media content. 

From murals to surfboards and panting’s, do you have a favourite project that you find the most rewarding and if so, why? 

Tash and I are so lucky we get to do what we love every day in so many forms. Every project is different with its own set of challenges and rewards. Painting murals is an amazing experience, and so is seeing a t-shirt design for the first time. Tash and I recently worked with and donated some large mural wraps for our local children’s hospital and that was an especially rewarding experience. Knowing we can distract and educate youngsters about Aussie wildlife when they may be going through some challenging treatments makes the unpredictability of running a small creative business worthwhile. 

VistaPrint believes in supporting small businesses just like Brentos. As a customer of VistaPrint, what are your favourite products and in what ways has VistaPrint helped to support your branding?  

Brentos has been a loyal VistaPrint customer for many years, and we keep coming back for our favorite products. We absolutely adore the quality of the matte posters and cotton business cards. Our customers often comment on how our business cards are the coolest they’ve seen – they love the soft feel and premium look. As an artist, it’s crucial that my pastel colours are accurately represented, and VistaPrint’s colour accuracy helps me ensure that my original paintings and business cards match perfectly. Consistency and quality are key for us, and VistaPrint delivers on both fronts.

We also love the VistaPrint roll labels and stickers. We love these items because they allow us to create a fun and original unboxing experience for all our clients. The Roll Labels and stickers from VistaPrint have become an integral part of our branding strategy, adding an extra touch of fun and personality to every parcel we send out. Our customers, whether they’re local or overseas, always enjoy receiving our parcels. We include a variety of fun and quirky Aussie-related stickers on the package, then once they open the package they see the ‘Thank You’ cards and get a free poster with every order. We believe that receiving a parcel should be an exciting experience, so we like to build anticipation and tell a story as customers open their order.

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