Local awareness on-the-go

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Not all small business owners have brick-and-mortar shopfronts — so, you may have to get creative with where you hang your sign. If you’re a service provider (like a handyman!), brand yourself while you’re on the go with marketing materials that are made to move.

Whether you’re replacing windows for a client or driving down your town’s main street, get your brand recognised by customers wherever you are, and establish your small business locally.

Build your logo

A logo is the key to success for any small business owner. Yours should be recognisable and, ideally, impactful from a distance (or at a glance). If you already have a logo, consider creating a simplified, magnified version that you can use on your on-the-go marketing materials — like Hammer & Brush does here with their polo shirts and hats. These branded items instantly turn your employees and customers into walking adverts.

One of the most tried-and-true places to display your logo is on a business card — try adding spot gloss or a premium finish for an especially eye-catching element. Here, Hammer & Brush uses embossed gloss on their main logo motif, a combination paint brush/fence design, to really make it stand out.

If you need a new logo for your business, or want to refresh your current one, the experts at 99designs by Vistaprint can help.

Create an eye-catching colour palette

Beyond your logo colours, create magnetic car signs and flyers with high-contrast colours that look great from a distance. Here, Hammer & Brush’s branding uses off-white, black and rich shades of orange to create a two-tone, contrasting effect for maximum impact — from up close and from afar. Beyond looking great from far away, Hammer & Brush’s colour palette is a great reflection of their brand — their primary colour is a rust-inspired shade of orange that feels fuss-free and dependable, especially when coupled with basic shades like black and white. On their all-black polo shirts and hats, the logo is embroidered in a more vibrant shade of orange for a higher-contrast impact.

Level up your branded clothing with an embroidered logo — it’s a polished step-up from screen printing, and adds a touch of texture.

Find the right font(s)

When you’re marketing on the go, keep text as concise as possible — passers-by won’t have time to read more than a few words. Choose an easy-to-read font when you want to include your full business name (and contact information) on marketing tools like business cards and magnetic car signs — and keep it simple! On magnetic car signs, people won’t have time to read more than a few words. It’s more likely that they’ll remember your name and Google you, or quickly dial your phone number. If you’re creating something that’s a bit more informative, like a flyer, balance out your larger logo font with a smaller secondary font so you can grab the attention of potential customers and give them all of the info they need to get in touch.

Stock your product toolbox

Get the look for marketing on the go with these six elements.

  1.  Magnetic car signs are a durable and easy way to turn your car or van into an on-the-go advertising vehicle.
  2.  Business cards are a great way to pass out information about your business while you’re on the move.
  3.  Flyers leave plenty of space to tell customers everything they need to know about your business.
  4.  T-shirts turn your employees and customers into walking adverts.
  5.  Polo shirts and hats should be part of your permanent uniform — wear them to promote your business even when you’re not working.