Generation Inspired. A documentary for the next Generation.

[Melbourne, Victoria] – 12th February 2019 – Three Melbourne social impact entrepreneurs are releasing a documentary to inspire the next generation to follow their dreams, featuring international speaker Dr John DeMartini, CEO of Vinomofo Justin Dry and leading Australian nutritionist Lola Berry amongst others.  

Liz Volpe alongside cousins David and Ross Fastuca have combined their passion for social impact, storytelling and technology to launch a world first, global platform Ambisie, which connects entrepreneurs to students in schools, colleges and universities, encouraging individuals to ‘give one hour’ to inspire students with their story. 

The documentary, Generation Inspired, is a collection of stories told by everyday people who started with nothing but an idea. Some of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs have joined the cast to share their stories including Nicole Eckels (Founder of Glasshouse Fragrances), Emma Evans (CEO of Capi Sparkling) and Nathan Chan (CEO of Foundr Magazine) just to name a few. 

Co-founder of Ambisie, David Fastuca was inspired to create the documentary after he learned that 84% of young people were not following their passions and that 70% of their entry-level jobs are at risk of automation in the future.

“The next generation is pushing ‘passion’ to the side when it comes to their career. Low confidence, a lack of guidance and not knowing where to start are some of the issues our young people face,” he said. 

“Many end up choosing a career they don’t want because they don’t believe they can do what they love. We are not ok with that and created Ambisie and Generation Inspired to attack the issue head-on.” 

The documentary will be launched in Melbourne, Geelong and Sydney in February 2019 and rolled out to 9000 schools across Australia. Partners include Vistaprint Australia, Rankin Business Lawyers, Creative Cubes Co. & Kimberlin Education.


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For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Liz Volpe, on [email protected] or 0433 325 263.

Available for Interview:

Liz Volpe, Co-Founder, Ambisie

Ross Fastuca, Co-Founder, Ambisie

David Fastuca, Co-Founder, Ambisie

Tobi Skovron, CEO of Creative Cubes Co

Div Pillay, CEO of Mind Tribes &  AFR 2018 Top 100 Qantas Women of Influence

About Ambisie: Ambisie is a project to inspire young people to find their purpose and build the courage to follow their passion. How? Through real people who give one hour of their time to share their story.






Featured Cast:

Archie Thompson – International Football Athlete

Adam Jelic – Founder of MiGoals

Div Pillay – CEO & Founder of MindTribes
Dr John Demartini – International Speaker & Leadership Specialist

Emma Evans – CEO at Capi Sparkling
Guy Kawasaki – Chief Evangelist of Canva (Previously Apple)
Jessica Holsman – Founder of Study with Jess & YouTube Personality
Justin Dry – CEO of Vinomofo

Katelyn Matheson – Founder & Creative Director of Cake Creations by Kate
Kelly Fawcett – Research & Policy Manager at FYA

Lola Berry – Leading Australian Nutritionist
Michelle Mosey – Head of Cyber Learning at With You With Me

Nathan Chan – CEO & Publisher of Foundr Magazine

Nicole Eckles – Founder of Glasshouse Fragrances

Tane Hunter – Big Data Scientist of Future Crunch
Tobi Skovron – CEO at CreativeCubes.Co

Vince Frost – CEO of Frost*Collective

Documentary Partners: 

Vistaprint Australia, Rankin Business Lawyers, Creative Cubes Co. and Kimberlin Education.