Which 2018 wedding trend best reflects your style? 

Which 2018 wedding trend best reflects your style

Engagement season is well underway with brides and grooms-to-be eagerly scouring the web for wedding inspiration.

Narrowing your search is where it gets complicated. With so much out there, it can be daunting trying to decide on a stylistic direction for your big day.

Worry not, Vistaprint designer Jen Movitz has got you covered. She’s our resident trend spotter and has sorted this year’s top wedding styles into four distinct trends to make your search that little bit easier.

First up, let’s get to know Jen a bit better.

Could you briefly describe what you do at Vistaprint?

Jen M.  I work in the Product Design Team. We create all the design templates you see on our website. One of my main responsibilities is researching and identifying design trends that we can apply to our own products.

Who has influenced your aesthetics and approach to design?

Jen M.  The people I’ve worked with in the past and the team I work with now have all shaped my style. Outside of work, I really admire Jessica Hische, Lotta Jansdotter and Dana Tamahachi. Their work continues to influence mine.

How do you research and define design trends?

Jen M.  Trend research takes a deeper look at the aesthetics of popular culture. We pull from a range of areas including fashion, interiors, surface and print design, paying special attention to colors and patterns. Wedding styles are a great reflection of what’s happening in fashion and interior designboth of which are fertile ground for finding emerging trends. Pinterest has made a huge difference to this process and is a popular place bride and grooms-to-be go to find inspiration too. Having so much inspiration in one place helps you create a consistent look and feel for your wedding, as it’s important that the style you choose can be applied to everything from stationery to your venue.

So, before you order your save the date cards, see which of the following themes best reflects your personality and style. 

Gorgeous Greens
Which 2018 wedding trend best reflects your style

What sort of look and feel does the Gorgeous Greens trend create?

Jen M. Calming laurel and pistachio green hues are the perfect way to add serenity and balance to dining tables and function rooms. This trend is a great choice if you want to bring the outdoors in through understated bouquets of organic succulents and flowing seeded Eucalyptus. Delicate white flowers are the perfect complement to the leafy details, especially in table centerpiece bouquets. And if you’re looking for an earthy style that conveys a refined natural feel then consider textured foliage like jasmine, acacia, foxtail grass and ferns.

How can you apply this trend across both stationery and wedding details?

Jen M. In loads of ways. To remain consistent with your invitations and wedding stationery, real-life Gorgeous Green foliage details work particularly well as:

  • Floral arrangements
  • Table arrangements
  • Draped over a welcome sign
  • Favors
  • Chest pocket/hat details for the family

Jewel Tones

Which 2018 wedding trend best reflects your style

What are the defining characteristics of the Jewel Tones trend?

Jen M. Jewel tones have found their way into our homes, wardrobes and more recently, wedding flowers. It’s an emerging trend that takes risk with bold contrasts and rich use of color.

Notes of sapphire, emerald and ruby give this trend a rich and luxurious feel. Combining these vivid tones into jewel-themed wedding flowers, table decorations, favor bags and even desserts and sweet treats ensures a bohemian allure that will “wow” long after your big day.

Natural floral details sit perfectly against the deep rubies, purples and deep greens. These colors work particularly well on silks and other natural fibers that have a sheen if you want to add extra drama under the lights.

The Jewel Tones trend is defined by:

  • Saturated colors
  • Cooper and pewter metal finishes
  • Rich colors with bronze accents 
Blooming Botanicals 
Which 2018 wedding trend best reflects your style

What are the key characteristics of this trend?

Jen M. Blooming Botanicals features subtle watercolor elements, pastel hues and wild floral combinations. Add botanical motifs to your save the date cards and invitations that bloom into real-life table centerpieces and bouquets on your wedding day.

Luxurious bouquets of hydrangeas, roses and peonies look great alongside leafy vines and even fruits like kumquats and lemons for added zest.


Do you have any design tips for using Blooming Botanicals style designs?

Jen M. While classic in color and content, this trend features simple and clean typography. While it may seem like a minor detail, using a clean and understated font on invitations and menus allows the floral details to blossom and really stand out.

Timeless Textures
Which 2018 wedding trend best reflects your style

This doesn’t look like a typical wedding style; how did you uncover it?

Jen M. True. This is another interior design trend that’s found its way into wedding stationery and is now even popular for cakes.

Natural stone textures and classy gold accents create a sophisticated and enduring look. The marble and granite textures flow particularly well with metallic details or patterns in gold, copper and brass. 


How do other areas of design influence your trend research for stationery products?

Jen M. Interior design certainly informs the trend work, especially for fashion and interiors. I always look at interior design blogs as well as surface design trends as there’s a lot of crossover between them. Especially for things like color accents and textures. I look at rugs, cushions and even plants because they have been so popular over the last few years. So yeah, research beyond surface design or stationery products is a huge part of trend spotting.


From save the dates and table details right though to thank you cards, it’s easy to weave a common thread through every part of your wedding journey. Whether you prefer timeless marble textures or statement florals, you can add your own personality and style to every detail. 

Which wedding trend best represents your style?

Jewel Tones

Gorgeous Greens

Blooming Botanicals

Timeless Textures