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Janine Allis’ business career began at a simple kitchen table almost two decades ago, fuelled by a vision for a brand that makes healthy living tasty and fun.
With no experience behind her, it was passion and an awareness of her unique mission that turned Janine’s first juice bar in Adelaide into one of the world’s most popular juice and smoothie brands: Boost Juice.
Citing differentiation as key to Boost Juice’s success, Janine has partnered with Vistaprint to share her insights into finding what makes your small business stand out from competitors. With over decades of valuable business experience and knowledge, she will be sharing her tips and advice on how small business owners around Australia can find their ‘why factor’.
Over the next couple of weeks, we will also be featuring four unique Australian small businesses and learn about their journey to finding what makes them stand out. Be sure to check back here every week!
When I started Boost Juice back in the early 2000s the idea of a healthy diet wasn’t very mainstream, so my business idea came from the well-known line: “wouldn’t it be good if?” And it really started with that idea because as a consumer, I couldn’t find anything out there to help get more fruits and vegetables into people’s diet. Having seen the juice and smoothie category in America and knowing there was a gap in the Australian market, I came back with no solid idea/plan and no money. But wrote the words “business plan” on a piece of paper and got going.
In the process of growing Boost Juice and founding other businesses, there were common things I learned/went through/experienced that helped me determine what makes my businesses stand out, that is also extremely important and helpful for aspiring small business owners.
I’m pleased to share my 5 top tips on how to find your business ‘why factor’.
Find what you love.
This is one thing you cannot force; this is the thing that you go to whenever you have free time, it is the thing that you think about that makes you feel good.   Everyone has something they love, whether that is a sport, collecting something, caring for children or a hobby.  I did not realise how much I loved doing business and creating products until I did it. So, my advice would be to get out of your comfort zone, if you do not know what your “WHY” is right now then say YES to lots of things and find what you love.
What are you naturally good at?
If you love sport, writing, music or art then often you have a natural talent for them, which means that you practise more, which in turn makes you better at your passion and the cycle continues.   I would love to sing, but alas, no practise on the planet will make sweet noise come out of my mouth, so I have not put the time into this (much to the delight of my family).   Find out what you are good at, you do not have to win an Olympic medal but if you love what you do then you will find great joy in it.   Make the time for your passion.  I know many talented people who stopped painting or writing due to time commitments.  Make the time and encourage the people around you to support you in your passion. Happiness creates good people, happy women and men become good wives, husbands, mothers, fathers and friends.
What do you want on your tombstone?
My mother’s “why” or purpose is her family, she has four children, 11 grandchildren, 9 great grandchildren and she is passionate and committed to every one of them.  Her family love her, because they have been her why, her purpose, her passion.  She is present for every major event, her open arms and door is known to all of them, and it is very clear what is going to be on her tombstone.   But every now and then she will get her priorities wrong, she will put cleaning the house before going for a picnic with family.  But, when you show her this, she knows that in the end the clean house is not what she would want to be known for.  What will be on your tombstone?
Where do you add value?
What comes with purpose and “why” is how we add value to others.   As mentioned above my mum’s “why” is clear. For me, I mentor up and coming business people and I get enormous pleasure from seeing their success. I add value on Boards, I add value within my business, with family and with friendships, in fact, I find it so much easier to give than take.   People need to be needed and this is an important thing to remember with regard to your “why”.
Understand the difference between how, what and why.
Often people get confused with the how, what and why. Let’s look at them individually using business as an example.
HOW – Write a business plan, set up a good accounting system, get funding and look for partners and/or staff that will assist.
WHAT – This is the product or service you are creating.
WHY – This is the emotional connection to the outcome. How does it make you feel, what do you want to achieve emotionally? It is the emotion and the connection that will make people follow you and stick with you when it all looks too hard.
Starting your own small business is a challenging yet highly rewarding journey. These five things I went through to building my business taught me an overall lesson: sure, money is important to keep the business going but what really propels your business forward is the ‘why factor’ you bring and the subsequent connections you create with your customers that gives them a compelling reason to stick with you.

About the author
Founder of Boost Juice, Retail Zoo and an investor on Shark Tank, Janine Allis is a business mogul with more than 20 years business experience and knowledge under her belt. Follow Janine on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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